Frame Change is an education management service provider and strategic advisory firm focused on delivering solutions to surmount the complex challenges faced by underserved learners, diverse communities, and education providers. Frame Change was founded (2019) in response to the growing demand for innovative educational solutions that address the dynamically changing requirements of the education industry and its stakeholders. Frame Change integrated solutions address the complex needs of English language learners, adult learners, international education agencies and students, non-profit organizations, and K-12 public education providers via its global network of consultants, printed and digital instructional materials, and proprietary technology platforms.


Frame Change is the culmination of 25 years of professional experience working diligently to educate, empower and employ vulnerable learners and their communities. The Founders’ education industry experience spans across the K-12 education ecosystem here at home and abroad. The team has decades of experience working with federal programs, administration, Special Education, Professional Development, English Language Acquisition and Skills Development, Career Technical Exploration, Student Enrichment Services, Credit Recovery, District Leadership and beyond!

Given the prevailing challenges of education reform and our communities impacted daily, Frame Change was founded for the express purpose to deliver solutions that benefit the educational achievement and lifelong success of all students and most notably, communities of color, students living in rural areas, English language learners, students facing the challenges of poverty and socio-economic conditions, and adult learners. Frame Change is committed to channeling its vast network of education collaborators, service providers, thought leaders, emerging pedagogies, and innovative technologies to benefit the needs of these students and create career pathways and contribute to their life long success.


Our mission is to identify a diverse range of superior education products/programs, services, and human capital expertise; and ensure those offerings directly benefit the vulnerable student populations and learners exhibiting the highest levels of need. As a result, we devote each day to the following:

Increasing the visibility of challenges facing underserved populations and advocate for solutions that eradicate those challenges including public policy, comprehensive services, and resource allocation innovation.

Identifying best-in-class culturally and socially relevant education products, services, human resources, and relevant expertise to address the complex needs of all learners in particular those that are underserved.

Creating and facilitating pathways for education solution(s) and their providers to reach the schools, communities, and critical decision makers that support these communities.

Frame Change acknowledges the unique needs of adult learners, students directly impacted by poverty, rural communities, English language learners, international students, and ethnically diverse student populations. As such, Frame Change solutions intentionally account for the rapid evolution of social and technological dynamics facing our students by preparing life-long learners to navigate 21st century challenges, reap the rewards of impactful instruction, improve the trajectories of their lives, and strengthen their communities.


Our vision is to advance the educational trajectory of underserved learners, positively impact families, and strengthen communities to prosper undeterred by external factors. Frame Change will accomplish this vision by leveraging :

Meet Our Leadership Team

Bruce Douglas II 

Cabral Thornton  

Sally Rabi, PhD
Executive Director of Education 

Bruce Douglas Douglas II


Co-Founder Bruce Douglas brings over a decade of business development experience across the K-12 Education Industry. A man of spiritual faith and son of a prominent minister, Bruce adheres to his value system as the foundation of his success and strategic outlook. His vision, long standing-relationships, and management skills have allowed him to nurture long-term collaborations with C-Suite Leaders in school districts, EdTech firms, non-profits, and private sector education companies on a global scale. 

As Bruce traveled along his chosen education services career pathway, he was drawn to the contagious passion of his colleagues, clients, and students to advocate for the underserved. Bruce found the passion and ambition to serve did not always translate into direct benefits to all students, especially those from underserved communities. Over the years, he continued to build his expertise and a network of leaders across the education community, and eventually connected with Frame Change co-founder Cabral while working on mutual projects together. They shared the same concerns and observations, recognizing the optimum approach to enact change and promote the advancement of student success was to launch Frame Change.  

Through Frame Change, Bruce seeks to provide underserved learners with access to educational experiences that expand their horizons to serve their communities as engaged global citizens.Bruce holds an MBA from LSU Shreveport and Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He cherishes spending time with his daughter and son. He is a faithful leader in his Church, Walking Grace Community Church, and enjoys traveling, working-out, and attending jazz shows.

Cabral Thornton


Co-Founder Cabral Thornton is keenly focused on resource re-allocation across the education ecosystem to better serve diverse learners, educators, and communities. He is a thought leader addressing the development of future classrooms and physical school facilities. Cabral appreciates that this generation of learners faces a unique set of circumstances and with every passing day, education is the key to their survival and long-term success.   

Cabral is a proud graduate of the Atlanta Public School system and understands the powerful influence courageous educators have on the lives of students, both inside and outside the classroom. Cabral represents the student population Frame Change was founded to serve, leveraging his enthusiasm and professional experiences to shape the company's strategic direction. He brings over two decades of executive consulting, technology development, and venture management expertise coupled with education industry leadership experience servicing Departments of Education and School Districts across the United States.  

Cabral holds an MBA from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania and a Systems Engineering Degree from the University of Virginia. He is a die-hard soccer/football enthusiast, loyal to AC Milan, and aspires to visit every classic soccer venue around the world.

Sally Rabi, PhD

Executive Director of Education

Dr. Rabi holds over 20 years of unique experience in education reform, assessment, curriculum development, instructional design, content development, custom publishing, digitizing curricula, and educational professional development and capacity building. Her assignments have allowed her to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and decision makers, influencing the lives of over 40 million students (about twice the population of New York) and thousands of teachers while working with school districts, Ministries of Education, and institutes of higher education around the world.   

Dr. Rabi applies a research-based approach to propose and deliver pedagogically sound solutions. She is particularly interested in practitioner action-research relating to education reform and capacity building. She is passionate about education reform and equal rights to access quality education in the 21st century, thus she spearheads initiatives to improve the quality of on-line education resources offered to the growing community of digital learners. Sally believes that 21st century technology is the key to revolutionizing learning experiences within global institutionalized learning settings.  Dr. Rabi has led diverse education initiatives in the USA, UK, Europe, North Africa, Gulf and Middle East. She has published and lead the development of several K-22 ELL (English Language Learners), ESP (English for Specific Purposes), Math, Sciences as well as Career and Life Skills programs.  

Dr Sally Rabi holds a PhD in Education Reform and Professional Education Capacity Building, a Master of Education in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and a bachelor's degree in English for Applied and Special Purposes. Besides spending time with her three children, she is a life-long learner, a passionate reader, world-traveler, and artist.