Accessibility to learning experiences and quality education remain a core value of the Frame Change mission to support learners. Frame Change acknowledges that there is no 'one-size fits all' approach to education and appreciates the uniqueness of each individual project it serves. Frame Change delivers its solutions and collaborative efforts by focusing on key areas that directly impact the lives of learners.

Curriculum & Content Development

Frame Change develops programs and materials that are competency and skill based to provide successful and effective learning experiences for learners. Programs are developed with the objective of focusing on the mastery of skills and competences being addressed in each unit of work.

Frame Change aims to address improving learner outcomes, learning experiences, and academic performance by working on the development of new or customized and adapted resources to meet the educational needs of teachers and their students. Our programs include developing curricula for core, remedial, gifted, talented and special education target audiences for K-22.

Frame Change focuses on the following areas of academic development:

English Language Learning

Frame Change appreciates the importance of strengthening literacy and language skills for effective communication and engagement at school or the workplace. It collaborates with state-of-art 21st century language and literacy experts and education providers to support mastery of English Language Skills for effective communication and engagement at school or work.

Science Technology Engineering Arts And Mathematics STE(A)M

Frame Change further prepares learners with the 21st century skills necessary for them to thrive in the dynamically developing and changing workforce.

All programs can be delivered as core, extracurricular or out of school time implementation models. The Implementation model is customized to meet the needs of the school or district.

Workforce Development Career, Vocational And Technical Education

Frame Change offers English language and communication development instructional resources to equip youth and adult learners for technical and vocational career pathways. The instructional materials empower learners by helping them develop language proficiency and enhance their abilities in targeted work functions, industry areas, and trades. With over 100 titles spanning across diverse industries and vocations (Occupational Safety, Healthcare, Hospitality, Food Services, Electrician, etc.) students gain oral communication and verbal expression, active listening, writing skills, vocabulary acquisition, and reading comprehension specific to job functions.

Through its corporate workforce programs, Frame Change provides customizable solutions to empower individuals with Transferable Workforce Skills which include:

Student Services

Frame Change appreciates the importance of non-academic learning experiences that address the needs and interests of learners while developing social emotional intelligence and 21st century transferable skills. 

International Student Services

Frame Change appreciates the needs and interests of international students who are interested in pursuing education opportunities in the United States. Frame Change provides year-round college readiness programs for international students teaching them the necessary skills and information they need to apply for US colleges and universities. The aim is to give learners a better understanding of admission requirements, college expectations and cultural appreciation.

Frame Change College Readiness Programs, allow participants to

Professional Development

While adopting an “Action-Research” based approach, Frame Change Professional Development and Capacity Building Programs target a range of professionals within the education community. These include education leadership team members, policy makers, curriculum and instruction, assessment and evaluation and professional development leadership department members in addition to offering scalable teacher training and train the trainer programs.

The objective is to ensure sustainable long-term scalable best practice to improve educational performance on all levels including those related to school performance, address learning loss and gaps, increase student attendance and engagement, credit recovery, education policy, leadership and governance.

Frame Change programs develop education capacity while focusing on:

Frame Change Executive Coaching and Leadership Program

Frame Change Executive Coaching and Leadership Program The Frame Change Executive Coaching and Leadership Program’s goal is to infuse educational institutions with highly skilled leaders that effectively lead through systemic equitable practices while having them master the latest trends in educational policy, governance, best practice and 21st century learning environments. The Frame Change Executive Coaching and Leadership Program will empower educational leaders to effectively manage dynamically changing learning environments. Through structured and scaffolded guidance and support, participants can show and deliver their best selves as leaders, creating sustainable impact and growth while catering for the diverse needs of the 21st century learners. In appreciation towards the differences in leadership roles, responsibilities, objectives, and with the aim to support educators and education leaders’ progress & contribution within their communities, Frame Change Executive Coaching and Leadership Program offers three (3) distinct tracks:
Frame Change Leadership Programs are delivered in a modular nature that allows for flexibility and focus on participant leadership needs and interests as they progress in their career objectives. The modules are developed in-line with the five critical target areas identified through twenty years of research by The University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR) in relation to what makes highly effective schools.

Special Student Populations

Frame Change collaborates with experienced special education experts and mental health practitioners to offer innovative programs that cater to the needs, interests and challenges of specific student populations including challenged learners, gifted and talented as well as incarcerated learners. Special education programs, assessments, and diagnostics Mental health and wellness intervention programs (including anti-bullying and suicide prevention) Social emotional learning and life skills development Education programs for student populations facing incarceration as well as transitional programs to reduce rates of recidivism.

Research And Development

Frame Change continuously evolves its research and service areas to ensure proactive anticipation of emerging education trends. Frame Change current research and development includes:


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Frame Change works with school districts, federal agencies, non-profits and workforce development entities across the country in addition, Frame Change serves NGOs and ministries of education around the world.

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